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How to Use Medical Marijuana to Whiten Your Teeth?

The teeth change color in time, which certainly affects our self – confidence. That is why teeth whitening is the most popular procedure in dentistry. How is it conducted and how long does the whole process last, which leads to a more beautiful smile, but also who should avoid it?

Teeth change color in time, so bleaching is the most popular procedure in dentistry. Do you know that marijuana has shown to be very effective in teeth whitening? Yes, there is nothing that this powerful plant cannot help you with. The medical marijuana consultant canada wants you to know that medical marijuana is effective in whitening teeth.

White teeth and brilliant smile, the nurtured beauty – the desire of all of us, is now easily achieved with modern methods for teeth whitening, offered by dental offices. There are various reasons for changing the color of teeth over time – from food and drinks that we consume to dental aging. However, today it is so easy to have white teeth.

Teeth whitening agents do not adversely affect the seals

Tooth whitening is a procedure that treats all types of discoloration, i.e. color changes on the surface of the teeth. The procedure removes all the problems on the surface of the teeth making the teeth become much whiter. Teeth whitening are the most popular procedure in dentistry, because it can quickly, easily and painlessly improve your appearance and increase your confidence.

There are several methods of teeth whitening available in the clinics:

Is the bleaching agent harmless?

The tooth whitening is completely harmless and very effective (if you use medical marijuana, of course). It does not cause tooth damage or gingiva. Only sensitivity of the tooth can occur, which occurs in 50% of the patients, and disappears after bleaching.

Lasers and lights only activate bleaching agents, they are clinically tested and registered agents that use dental practices, and do not participate in the bleaching process, but contribute to the process’s effect making it stronger.

It is important to note that the tooth whitening agent does not work on the seal, nor on prosthetic restraints like crochets and bridges.
The tooth whitening effect lasts from one to two years and depends on maintaining hygiene

Who is not recommended to bleach teeth?

Tooth whitening is not recommended for people with periodontal disease, gingival recession, gum trauma, or people with too sensitive teeth. In addition, teeth whitening are not recommended for pregnant women, breast-feeding women, or dentures until they complete orthodontic therapy.

Teeth whitening is a medical procedure that should not be applied in cosmetic salons, because cosmeticians do not have the knowledge that the necessary, nor have adequate conditions for safe and sterile performance of this strictly dental procedure!

Make sure you talk to your doctor first and see if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, which is a great procedure that will improve your self – esteem and make you feel great.