Monday, March 30, 2020
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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a significant push to get back your confidence. Following your surgery, you will surely be excited about your new look, but you will most likely also have some concerns about your recovery.

This is an entirely normal feeling to have and is good to have because it will bring up questions that you can ask your surgeon and he/she will be able to clarify them and give you some instructions which will help you have a speedy recovery.

There are still a few things that you should be able to do in order to help yourself have a relaxed and comfortable recovery so you can look forward to enjoying your brand new figure.

Recovery Tips


Breast augmentation surgery like any other surgery requires some downtime. The procedure will require you to have plenty of rest, which might be frustrating for you but your body needs to get some rest during your recovery.

Overall, you will feel much better, and your scars will heal properly too.


Thoroughly following the instructions your surgeon gives you is essential. You should never skip a step, or skip any medication your plastic surgeon has asked you to take.

Even if you’re feeling better and you don’t think that you need any more rest, medicine, etc., always speak and with your surgeon first before you stop following his/her post-op recovery plan.

Daily Routine

If you are an overly active person, you will most likely be ready and eager to go back to your house chores, the gym, physical training, and any other activities that you had to stop during your recovery time.

If your surgeon agrees that you can start getting back into your daily routine, then you should, but if he/she advises against it — follow your surgeon’s advice. If your wound is not completely healed, do not participate in strenuous activities.

Breast augmentation surgery can be overwhelming and at times frightening which can heighten anxiety levels, especially if you don’t know anyone who has had an augmentation procedure before.

When you’re considering having a breast augmentation procedure you want someone like Dr Laniewski, the best plastic surgeon in Sydney, who will give you an honest opinion about the procedure and guide you to help you make the best decision and be there with you along the way.