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Anxiety Management Services Near Me – The Causes of Anxiety Disorder

When your body responds to stress in a natural way, then that would be referring to anxiety. This usually happens when you fear and feel nervous about something that is about to come. Young kids, teens and adults may feel anxious, so many things like when attending the first day of classes and having a job interview as well as talking to your boss. This shows that it is a normal feeling that interfere one’s life. But if it is already extreme, been feeling this for months now, then you need help because it has turned out to be a disorder.

Anxiety is supposed to come and go. It should not be there for the rest of your life. When this anxiety has developed into a disorder, you have to seek for a treatment or a therapy. Through this, you can still make your life run normally. When you are suffering from anxiety disorder, it does not mean that you are mentally ill or crazy. You are just facing an unpleasant feeling that just doesn’t go away. So, do not be embarrassed to look for a specialist. I suggest you to go online and use keywords like anxiety management near me and it will show you where to find experts in your area.

With this kind of disorder, your family and friends must be there to support you. This is a time, where you need someone, who can understand your condition. Many people do not open their minds to individuals, who are facing this kind of condition. That’s why it would be ideal for the people around you to learn why this disorder happens or what are its causes.

Environmental Elements

Many things may happen around you and these elements may increase the level of anxiety, leading to disorders. Sometimes, you feel stress because of a personal relationship with your family, friends and loved ones. It is also possible that your anxiety disorder is due to the loss of job and financial status or obligation.

Do you know that living in a place with an unfriendly neighborhood may also trigger your anxiety issues? A lot of environmental factors, such as low level of oxygen also increases the anxiety. Anything that is happening around you may lead you to feel too anxious.


Sometimes, an anxiety disorder may also be acquired from parents or blood relationship. It would be great, if you can learn more about genetics, to see how we inherit genes from the family line. For example, your mom suffered from this disorder during her pregnancy with you. There is a chance for you to feel the same way, too.

This may not always happen to everybody. But it is possible because the disorder runs in the family. But do not regret having such family because you just need the right treatment. And then, you have to accept who you are and your situation for the best result.

Medical Condition

Some medical conditions may also lead to anxiety disorder. It could happen because of the symptoms or diagnosis of a disease. This may stress you out, especially if you cannot accept you are suffering from a real serious illness.

What really triggers your condition is the fact that you are feeling too much pain. Another thing is that because of your diagnosed disease, you cannot continue anymore your social lifestyle. This really needs adjustments. But sometimes, you feel like you are not strong enough to fight this stage in your life.


Your past can also be one of the causes of your anxiety disorder. This could be an experience that is really traumatic. The page at http://www.aftertrauma.org/what-is-trauma/what-is-trauma may be very useful to know how to deal with individuals under this condition.

For example, if you were a lady and was once a victim of abuse. You may not be able to forget this experience right away and needs ample time to move on. Another situation is that when you were traveling with family or loved ones and you met an accident. You lost your family and were the only survivor. Of course, this is not easy to accept and it would be very painful. Lastly, you may be a witness to a heinous crime or incident and you were really shocked about it.