Thursday, January 23, 2020
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How to equip yourself with basic CPR skills

One hopes they never have to be in a position where the difference between someone else’s life or death, in that moment, stands with you. But, if this is the case, you would be thankful for having had the right training or being properly equipped to handle such a big emergency. Dependence doesn’t just have to be on the arriving medial workers or paramedics aplenty, but the buck might stop with you in those crucial minutes. Even if you have absolutely no interest in pursuing such a profession on a full-time basis, it is always good and handy to know what to do, when to do it, in the event of an alarming situation.

Therefore, the CPR training Perth and other Australian cities have to offer are worth looking into, detailing and ultimately subscribing for. Even if you never have to put what you learn into practice, it is so worthwhile when or if the situation does arrives. Quite honestly, the training remains dormant forever and a day, but is able to spring into action if or when the need arises. Young or old, fat or thing, people of all shapes and sizes should be willing to get involved with this – if not as individuals, as collectives.

The workplace

Encourage your boss to send yourself and colleagues on short or longer courses to understand the ins, outs and practicalities of CPR. In some instances, actually in a lot of scenarios, it is your employer’s legal right to send you on such courses. So, you could remind this to them – and show them some paperwork, homework and preparation of what exactly you want you and your peers to do. Then, once you have shown that you have put in the proverbial legwork, they might be more inclined to sanction such a thing, rather than begrudgingly make everyone do it as part of their contractual duties to the group or company.

Friends and family

There is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting to your mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather or grandmother that one or all should train themselves up with some basics, fundamentals or deeper CPR tactics. Again, this could stand someone – if not related, then a complete stranger – in good stead in the future. To reiterate, you just never know when or when the emergency might arise – and how great it would be if you were equipped regardless. The person on the other end of the attempted resuscitation would certainly be pleased.

Your sports mates

If you are fit and active and into doing sport of whatever kind several times a month or week, then CPR is such a good thing to know. Situations do arise out on the cricket oval, the football field, the golf course or the tennis court, whereby someone is in trouble and needs help quickly. You could end up being that someone, and what a favour you would be repaying if you were able to intervene and turn a potentially bad health situation to a story to be told for many years to come.