Friday, May 29, 2020
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Fears That can Make Addiction Rehabilitation Less Effective

Many people know they cannot stop alcohol or drug abuse without a professional’s help, but they avoid going for addiction rehabilitation because of many fears they have. Here are two major fears that can keep you from living a sober life.

You will be alone during and after treatment

This is one common fear that can keep you from receiving treatment to improve your life. It is true that you will be in a completely new environment, and it may be strange too, but it will lay the foundation of a healthy, successful life for you. Many people fear the idea of leaving their old friends that they hung out with in all the ‘fun’ places, partying and doing drugs. The thing you need to understand is that they have not been your friends from the very first moment you met them. It feels difficult to let go of them not just because you have a fear of being alone, but also because you feel that your identity is someone tied up with those old folks. The reality is different though.

Anyone who enters a rehab worries about losing long-time friendships, so it is perfectly normal if you are thinking the same. But, you should also understand that someone who urges you to drink or try drug for the one last time is not your friend at all. Many people who return home after completing addiction rehabilitation say that the first few days are usually the hardest, but things do get normal after that. It means that if you do not enter a rehab because of your fear of being alone, you should not talk to yourself and tell you that professionals around you will share strategies to help you find new friends who will support you through your sober life.

You will Make a Mistake

That fear of making a mistake can also keep you from taking the first step. You may think that you should not spend time in drug rehabilitation when you know your willpower is too weak to keep you on track after completing rehab. Again, this is not the right way to approach things. Many people say that going through rehab is a difficult and somewhat disconnected period that is even perceived as torture by some. There are others who regard it as a hopeless undertaking. If you think the same, you are sure to make a mistake. If you take your time in a rehabilitation center as the beginning of a new life, you are sure to see positive results soon.

It is natural to complete rehab and return to your life with a slew of conflicting emotions. You are likely to be uncertain, doubtful, and confused, and often filled with fear of making a big mistake that will lead to a relapse. It is true that you have to be brain in the new world of sobriety, but you do not have to over-think a lot while making little decisions. It is usually a matter of changing your perspective and living in a new, healthier environment. Do not try to be too hard on yourself and understand that even the old-timers who have not touched a substance for years can make mistakes. Just concentrate on your future and follow the advice of a professional to deal with cravings and urges to stay on the right track.