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Can Anxiety Be Relieved with Cannabis?

Cannabis has been shown to provide several physiological benefits when used on a regular basis. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that anxiety can be reduced when you use various cannabis strains. But, these findings are starting to be backed up with verified research aswell.

Of course, the relieving of anxiety certainly depends on what strain you use and different people will have different tolerance levels of THC compared to their peers. The concentrations of THC in the strain that you are looking to use play an important part. The higher the THC concentration of the strain, the greater the psychoactive effect you will feel. Thankfully, there are now many strains that are available with low concentrations of THC. Instead, these low THC concentration strains tend to have a higher concentration of Shiva Shanti Regular Seeds to compensate, making them ideal for anxiety sufferers.

We would recommend before selecting a strain to use on a regular basis to first test your tolerance to THC. Then, you can experiment with strains that are compatible with your tolerance levels in order to find the right strain for you.

What Strains Help Relieve Anxiety?

Granddaddy Purple

This is probably the most widely used strain for generalized anxiety. This Indica is a great strain to use, as it induces feelings of relaxation compared to a Sativa, which tends to result in a racy mind. Therefore, Granddaddy Purple is a fantastic strain to use to get you in a peaceful state of mind, which reduces stress and tension that you have built up during the day.

Jack Herer

If you have built up a tolerance to THC, we would recommend Jack Herer as a strain to try for your anxiety. Although it is a Sativa rather than an Indica, it has been known to produce feelings of euphoria and calm. Normally, Sativa’s tend to result in the opposite, but if you get the correct dosage for this strain, it can be rather effective.


For those who want to stay clear of Sativa’s altogether because of the psychoactive effect, then why not give Cannatonic a try for your anxiety. This strain has a high concentration of CBD, and a low concentration of THC. The strain is effective at blunting the anxious edge of your thoughts, and is a personal favorite of mine. The relaxation that Cannatonic produces is due to the terpene myrcene which is present in the strain.

For more recommendations about a strain that is tailored to your exacting needs, we would recommend contacting your local dispensary, who will be able to offer advice. To locate your nearest dispensary, make use of the dispensaries near me open now tool on