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Dosage and Usage of Testosterone Troche Medication

Chemically formulated testosterone supplement is intended to treat men suffering from hypogonadism symptoms, which are caused due to low production of testosterone.

Exogenous ways to increase testosterone level

  • Injections
  • Gels
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Patches
  • Troche (buccal or sublingually form)

Testosterone troche supplements get absorbed through the mucosal linings within your mouth. The doctor may recommend using it sublingually or in buccal form.

Troche is also called a lozenge, which dissolves in ten minutes, when you place it under the tongue (sublingually) and approximately half an hour, if it is placed between cheek and gum (buccal).

Instructions about dosage and usage

In general, 1 mg testosterone troche dosage is comprised of several ingredients like –

  • Stevia Powder Extract – 500 mg
  • Micronized, Silica Gel – 240 mg (mild flavor)
  • Micronized Testosterone – 24 mg
  • Polyethylene Glycol – 23.5 g

Dosage recommendation will differ. It will depend on your health condition and purpose of use.

Oral form can be effective in men with hormone within normal range to enhance their libido performance. Lozenges can be helpful to improve athletic performance, before workout sessions.

Half life of Testosterone Troche

Synthetic hormone drugs take longer to metabolize in the body, so troche dose is recommended to be taken once daily.  Half life of troche is short, so doctor may recommend dosage, after every 12 hours but will consider on your hormone level reading.

Generally, in TRT treatment low doses of Testosterone Troche doses are recommended in men, but in women low dosage is prescribed to take care of low libido issue. Thus, dosage recommendations are determined on individualized needs. The dose to be used for delayed male puberty can differ from that to be applied for postpartum engorgement.

Oral steroids are rare method used for hormone therapy treatment, so it is wise to know the advantages and disadvantages of this form. Generally, injections, lotions, and gel forms are applied. However, the benefit of bubal or sublingual method is its speedy way of getting absorbed in your bloodstream.

Troche does not need to get digested like capsules or pills, but gets absorbed through the mucus lining in your mouth. Thus, it directly enters inside the bloodstream without getting degraded. Mucosal lining has prevalent blood supply, so absorption is quick.

Lorenze stays in the bloodstream for a short while, which is its drawback. Therefore, it is not prescribed to be used alone. Make sure to consider troche under the supervision of a physician.