Monday, March 30, 2020
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Why the Berkey Filter System is the best

When it comes to the water we drink or use every day; the need to have it completely clean and filtered becomes very much essential. Most times, people use various methods to make sure that their water is kept clean at all times. One of those methods would be the filter system. Filters such as the osmosis reverse filters have been around for quite some time now and have become popular in recent times. However, the Berkey Filtration system continues to stand out among the rest. If you are already wondering why, here are some of the best reasons why it is simply the best;

It sticks to its job

One of the reasons why most filters get stick today is because of what it does during the process of filtration. The osmosis reverse filter, for example, would remove the bad in the water along with other minerals as it works by making a hypnotic solution in the water. This solution would eventually lead to loss of such minerals also in the body and can cause a lot of problems and issues in the long run.

However, with the Berkey filter systems, all it does is to make sure that it gets rid of the many bad substances which are in the water. With these bad substances never goes the good stuff. The Berkey filter system is one of the very few filter systems which sticks to its job.


In this world where everything is constantly increasing and getting more expensive by the day, the Berkey filter systems are quite affordable. This is due to the moderate prices which have been slapped on them. You would find this helpful, especially if you are currently on a budget and need to watch your spending. Most of the Berkey filters which you would get would have the ability to last up to 3000 gallons. What this means is that for every set of two, 6000 gallons wound have to be used. If you use just 11 gallons every week for drinking, then you could be looking at up to 10 years of drinking constant water without needing to change your filter regularly.

Now that we know this, how much would each gallon cost? While it would depend on where you get your Berkey filters, you would probably have to spend nothing more than 2 cents for every gallon which you buy. That is surely a great value for the money which you are spending.

Cleaning routines

Another thing which scares many about filters is the need to clean. Filters have to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they filter as much as possible. This can mean for some cleaning every week or day. However, the Berkey Filter is fundamentally different. Cleaning procedures need not be undertaken every week. Some parts of the system might not be cleaned for years.

With a filter system working its magic and with less need to worry about maintenance procedures, it is the perfect filtration system.


The Berkey filter system does not just deal with one form of water or remove one particular impurity in the water. However, it deals with a large range of water forms. This would include water that has been treated, such as the city water and also the untreated water.

You also get a filter system which is quite portable and doesn’t need much power to run. So you can get your water filtered without having the need to have constant power or worrying about the size of the filter.

Getting a Berkey Filtration system

It is therefore clear that there are a lot of rewards which come with getting a filtration system such as Berkey. However, getting these filter systems could prove difficult if you have no idea where to purchase one from. The USA Berkey filters would be one option which you should consider. Known for their fast delivery and affordable prices, it is easy to confirm that the filter system you are getting is durable and of the highest quality.

Water is important to our health, and getting it filtered should be at the top of our priority.