Thursday, April 2, 2020
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The Perfect Options for the Best Neuroscience Options

In the far 1920 Sigmund Freud, neurologist and psychoanalyst, interested in understanding how unconscious psychic processes influence thought, human behavior and interactions between individuals writes these far-sighted lines on the progress that biology would have made to understand the functioning of being human.

If today there is an accredited science of happiness we owe it above all to the extraordinary discoveries, research and experiments that biology, psychology and neurosciences have produced in recent decades and that have given way to further scientific investigations, involving other disciplines such as the economics, sociology, managerial sciences. Neuroscience has revealed what happens in the brain when we think or feel certain emotions. For the Breakthroughs in Neuroscience you can know the best now.

We know the brain

It does not limit itself to interpreting the world, it creates it: everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell would have none of the qualities you perceive, without the brain. Whatever experience you do today – morning coffee, love for your loved ones, a brilliant idea at work, it has been customized exclusively for you.

  • This “creation” of reality does not happen once and for all but Every Day. In fact, every experience we make, every thought and emotion we experience (and that exist in the neural network in the form of synapses, a connection that is between nerve cells), are able to dynamically reshape this network. It is the so-called principle of neuroplasticity, that is the brain’s ability to change and that gives us the power to create the reality we desire. Provided, of course that we learn to use the brain and not use it.
  • If you want to change your life, make it more stimulating and full of success, defeat fears, anxiety and stress, improve relationships with your loved ones, be parents or professionals of “value”, today you can do it.
  • Just start to know and use in a new way the extraordinary tool that nature has given us. It is neither the number of neurons nor any magic in gray matter that makes life more satisfying. Although genetic factors exist, your genes, like your brain, are dynamic.

From the molecular biology comes the discovery that genes are not our destiny

Some studies on happiness conducted in the psychological field have shown that some people are born predisposed to happiness: the genes that are able to determine about 50% of the level of happiness that a person can feel (the other variables that influence the level of happiness are: thoughts-actions-behaviors for 40% and external circumstances for 10%).

The research that Bruce Lipton , a US cell biologist, has conducted on the behavior of cells, DNA and the environment have shown that genes are not immutable but can be modified by the environment, specifically, by our belief system. This means that what we believe and think is able to transform our reality.

The term neuroscience first appeared in the 1970s. Major breakthroughs in the 90s (“brain decennia”) led to media coverage and popularization.

Neuroscience is the set of disciplines that study neurons and the nervous system. Today they represent multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary fields whose stakes are essential both fundamentally (understanding the brain) and its multiple applications (health, economic, marketing, cognition, personal development, learning)