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Are you thinking about Breast Reconstruction after Surgery – Consult your Doctor?

Several women with early-stage cancers would be able to choose between breast-conserving surgery or BCS and mastectomy. The primary benefit of BCS has been that a woman would be able to keep most of her breast. However, in a majority of cases, she would require radiation.

Most women who have undergone mastectomy for early cancer stages have been less likely to need radiation. On the other hand, several women would prefer mastectomy and it could prove to be a better option for them. It would be due to the type of breast cancer, previous treatment history, the size of the tumor, and specific other aspects.

A majority of women might be worried that having less extensive surgery may enhance their risk of cancer returning. However, the fact is, in a majority of cases, mastectomy would not be able to provide you with any better chance of long-term survival or an enhanced outcome from the available treatment. Kristina Mori has revealed that BCS could be done alongside radiation. On the other hand, mastectomy may not be able to cater to any better chance of survival.

Breast reconstruction after the surgery

In case, you were contemplating undergoing surgery for breast cancer, you would have the option of having breast reconstruction. In the case of a mastectomy, you should look forward to considering having the breast mound rebuilt in order to restore the appearance of the breast after surgery. In a majority of breast-conserving surgeries, you might consider having fat grafting in the affected breast. It would be done to correct any dimples that have been left from the surgery. It would be pertinent to mention here that the options would be dependent on the specific situation of every woman.

Different types of reconstructive surgery

There have been several kinds of reconstructive surgery. However, the available options might depend on your personal preferences and medical situation. You might be required to choose between having a breast reconstruction simultaneously as the breast cancer surgery (instant reconstruction) or any time later (delayed reconstruction).

Discuss it with your doctor

In event of you contemplating about having reconstructive surgery, it would be a good idea to discuss it with Lisa Abaid your gynecologic oncologist, your breast surgeon, and the plastic surgeon. It would be imperative prior to your mastectomy or BCS. It would cater you with adequate time to plan the treatment options that may be suited to your specific needs. It would be better even if you were looking forward to delayed breast reconstruction surgery.