Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Worthy reasons to consider CBT – Why should you suggest people to go for it?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is nothing but a psychological treatment which is used to assist people whose behavior is impacted by their assumptions, beliefs and significances which they attach to different events which make them upset instead of making them feel happy. If you know someone who is going through such a stage where he/she is getting negative thoughts for everything that happens, you can suggest that person to seek help of CBT.

However, if you’re not even convinced about the reasons behind suggesting CBT to others, here are few that you should take into account. Take a look at the limitations and benefits of CBT as well.

  • CBT has got a positive record for curing a wide range of issues like panic attacks, depression and other disorders related to anxiety, alcohol and drug problems, eating disorders, phobias, pain management, sleep disorders and bereavement.
  • Although it is not that there is a cure for all sorts of mental health issues in CBT, yet there is an impressive rate of success of about 60%, though estimates might vary from one therapist to another.
  • As compared to other psychotherapies, CBT is relatively cheaper and it is also pretty fast as the patient gets cured within 6 sessions. However, depending on the case and extent of the issue, the time duration of this therapy may vary.
  • Most of the therapists who practice this will vouch about the empowering benefits of the CBT. The client who is initially the patient, remains an active participant in the entire session and by the time the therapy ends, he becomes his own therapist.
  • Due to the fact that the therapy deals with the behavior and thought process of the person, the therapist won’t require knowing about the way in which you were brought up or he doesn’t even need to delve deeper into some other mentally scarring events. Nevertheless, no competent therapist will totally negate the idea of knowing the past.
  • It is a pretty straightforward process to locate a psychologist with credentials of CBT. If you take a look at the website of American Psychological Association, it offers an option called psychologist locator. Hence, you should watch out for an accredited therapist.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is safe and natural. Unlike other treatments, there’s practically nothing about CBT which is not natural or which causes harm. In fact, the ultimate key to successful completion of CBT is helping clients feel safe to change their behaviors and beliefs.

So, now that you have got answers to the question, ‘what is cognitive behavioral therapy?’ what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a therapist and help yourself cure this disease.