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When Should You See A Professional Caregiver To Treat Dancer’s Ankle Sprain?

No matter how minor any ankle sprain appears to be, you cannot afford to neglect it. Studies have shown that almost 30 percent of all such injuries return with severe indications in the later years. While sportsmen generally workout under the supervision of a fitness coach, there is a relatively less chance of receiving long term injury. Things are, however, a bit different for the dancers. Dancing forms like ballet would push your body to its limit. You can sprain your ankles while landing from the jump, or while rolling over the ankles. Such things need timely medical intervention.

The Pain From Sprain

Whether you are a ballet dancer, or involved in some other forms of dance, you are likely to injure your ankles in a number of ways. Typically, it begins with some swelling and light pain. The lateral ligaments of your ankles are likely to tear upon twisting. This can again lead to a niggling pain, thereby leading to some discomfort. The severity of injury would affect the se verity of pain. If you are suffering from a light injury, it can get healed by itself after taking some rest. You can know more about this from reliable websites. As a matter of fact, there are certain types of ankle sprains that require lengthy recuperation for complete healing.

The Rule Of RICE

Doctors and caregivers do not believe to start medical intervention right after a patient arrives. They prefer treating any type of ankle injury by following the RICE method. It is the acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However, what if your condition does not improve with this method? Then it might indicate a deeper injury that requires special treatment. Dancing requires a lot of quick movements, changes in direction, as well as twisting. This can lead to conditions as grave as fracture. This is where the aid of wisconsin physical therapy pitches in.

Why Physical Therapy?

Professional physical therapists would be able to chalk out a systematic plan to treat dancers with ankle sprains. You can check websites like for a comprehensive idea on the different types of ankle sprain treatment. But the therapists would start working to reduce the pain before anything else. Gradually, your professional would aim at restoring the strength, motion, proprioception and endurance. Also, to help you return to your dance classes, they can prescribe specific techniques of rehabilitation.

Retraining The Balance

A number of dancers fail to realize that they might lose their balancing ability after receiving ankle injuries. Things can go worse if it remains untreated. And with balance improperly restored, you can strain your ankles once again. Your caregiver can suggest some basic exercises to regain your balancing ability.

The bottom line is, if you have suffered an injury, which has not improved in a week, make sure to see a therapist. You might have injured a number of ligaments.  Your therapist would come initially for a basic evaluation.