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A hangover would worsen as you Age, Drink Responsibly

You may have a heavy head and body, have nausea and vomiting feeling, and vulnerable to sound and light. Congratulations! You have a hangover. You may be surprised by the kind of feeling you had experienced for the first time. It has been due to the overindulgence in alcohol that you did a night before. Do not fret; IVs in the Keys would be the best solution you have for mild to moderate to severe hangover issues.

What actually causes a hangover?

The primary reason for a hangover to occur would be excessive consumption of alcohol than the body could handle effectively. It would result in considerable dehydration. In addition, the body would develop a toxin called acetaldehyde. It would lead to nausea, headaches, bloodshot eyes, vomiting, and shakiness, loss of appetite, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and diarrhea.

It would be everything that you would fear happening to you the next morning you wake up after a wild night with drinks. You would need the best in business hangover solutions based on your condition. It would be in your best interest to make the most of the services offered by hangover hospital to help you seek the right cure. They would also eliminate the cause of a hangover.

Hangovers could get worse with the passage of time

As you tend to get older, the hangover would worsen with the passage of time. There have been two major reasons associated with the worst hangovers in descending age.

Foremost would be alcohol going through a series of steps where the liver would detoxify the alcohol using the antioxidants. These would help in the prevention of building up of acetaldehyde toxin. The production of antioxidants would reduce as you tend to age.

Secondly, dehydration would play a significant role in hangovers. As you tend to age, the amount of water in the body would also decrease. It would enhance the effects of dehydration.