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Ways You Can Convince an Alcohol Addicted Person to Go to Rehab

One of the best solutions to the substance abuse problem is rehabilitation program. The tough part is to convince the patient undergo a rehabilitation program. We have discussed a few ways which will help people to convince their loved one for this program.

Do not judge or blame the addict

Addiction makes the addict feel hurtful, and overly sensitive. As you know these tendencies can come up in your loved one’s life too, it is best to avoid being judgmental with them. Keeping an understanding attitude will be more beneficial.

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Show your love and support

Treat the addict with a lot of care, emotional support and strength. They are in dire need of your cooperation and affectionate behavior. Show them your unconditional support and love throughout their tough times.

Do not frequently nag, beg or harangue, the addict to quit drinking

If you do all the begging and negging in front of addict to quit drinking, then at one point of time they will start ignoring it. It will become unimpactful. Instead what is needed is to make a collective effort. This can be done by entire family members including spouse, parents, siblings and other close members to come together and hold an intervention.

You need to make them understand how beneficial it will be to undergo this treatment for complete recovery from drug addiction. This is one of the proven tools to convince your addicted dear one to accept rehabilitation program.


It can be hard to convince your loved one for a rehab program but having an effective strategy in place will definitely ease the process. Above guidelines and advice will help you convince your dear ones to get treatment in drug/alcohol rehab center.