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Vein Doctor Ali Meslemani – Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatment

Dr. Meslemani’s Experience Treating Vascular Conditions

Vein doctor Ali Meslemani of Metro Vein Centers in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is the founder of Metro Vein Centers and is considered in an expert in the field of treating many different vascular conditions. Since graduating from Ross University of Medicine, Dr. Meslemani has been working as a vein doctor to help patients lead healthier, more fulfilling lives by using innovative methods to treat their vascular conditions, including varicose vein treatment. When asked about the benefits of varicose vein treatment for patients, Dr. Meslemani had the following insight to share.

Advantages of Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose vein treatment has certainly come a long way in terms of being more effective and less painful than the outdated method of vein stripping surgery. This antiquated form of surgery required patients to return just months after having the intial surgery performed because the veins would start to reappear. Varicose vein treatment now requires a much shorter recovery time and produces lasting results so that patients start looking and feeling better much sooner and for longer.

Some of the cutting-edge treatment methods used by the doctors at Metro Vein Centers include radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. When you consult with one of our vein doctors, you can discuss which method is most appropriate for your varicose vein treatment. They are covered by many health insurance plans and all typically require very little downtime so that you can get back to living a full and pain-free life.

One of the primary reasons why patients explore varicose vein treatment is to improve the appearance of their skin. Many patients with visible varicose veins have confidence issues and avoid wearing certain clothing so that their veins are not exposed. Removing the appearance of varicose veins will allow you to live a more enjoyable life and wear whatever clothes you’d like again.

The other major reason why patients turn to varicose vein treatment is that varicose veins can become extremely painful over time. The vein doctors at Metro Vein Centers perform an ultrasound on the patient’s leg to determine the precise source of any varicose veins. This means that any treatment will be much more effective because it eliminates varicose veins that may not be visible at skin surface level but still cause pain in the legs.

One of the immediate benefits that patients who receive varicose vein treatment notice is that they start sleeping better at night. The pain associated with varicose veins in legs can often wake you up at night and make it difficult to fall back to sleep. Restless leg syndrome has been linked to those who have painful varicose veins.

When varicose veins invariably swell, they can quickly reduce your range of motion in your legs. The treatment of varicose veins allows you to regain full mobility of your legs and will reduce the pain associated with walking or running. Not having to deal with swollen legs on a daily basis will improve the quality of your life in immeasurable ways.

Information on Metro Vein Centers

If you would like a consultation about your vascular condition, contact Dr. Meslemani of Metro Vein Centers in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Metro Vein Centers was founded by Dr. Meslemani to help patients across the country achieve relief from the ache and pain of bulging veins and other vascular conditions. It only employs the most skilled and experienced team of doctors to help patients identify the appropriate course of treatment for their vascular condition. At Metro Vein Centers, quality patient care always comes first.