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Useful Tips For Caring For A Blind Dog

Hearing that your furry family member will soon become blind is quite a big shock and can cause a deep feeling of grief. It also gives rise to several questions like whether her personality will change, can she still enjoy her life and will she be happy.

However, it’s the good news is that your dog, though slowly losing his eyesight may be enjoying life to the fullest and your sorrow may be baseless. You can ensure with a Killara vet from Gordon Vet Hospital, for example.

Vision loss in dogs may result from cataracts, severe corneal diseases, glaucoma, retinal disorders, injury or nerve damage, and may not always be linked to age-associated issues.

How to Identify the Vision Loss?

Sudden (acute) blindness may be hard to identify since dogs are blessed with an outstanding sense of smell and hearing which is to a great extent able to compensate for the vision loss.

Dogs that lose their eyesight will gradually memorise their surroundings and it’s usually if their environment changes and they start bumping into things, their parents realise that there may be a vision loss.

Dogs that are slowly losing vision or are completely blind will become clumsy and tumble over objects. They will sleep for more time and probably won’t play the games they played earlier. They may also look inattentive and won’t follow you everywhere like before.

They may also appear a bit fearful or may be easily startled or infrequently get themselves lost if their bearing around the house is lost.

You Need Not Worry

According to Gordon Vet, a leading mobile vet clinic, vision loss in dogs is not uncommon and most dogs affected by it continue to lead an enjoyable and contented life since their other senses just take over.

They soon settle into new routines and most of the times, any different behaviour in them is not even noticeable.

Routine is Essential for Blind Dogs

While a routine is important for all dogs, it’s essential for blind dogs. It makes the dog feel confident that though they cannot see, nothing has actually changed.

Placing the bowls of food and water of your blind dog in the same spot and feeding him at the same time like usual is important for his peace of mind.

Find a Safe Spot for the Dog

Have a “safe spot” for the blind dog which will be a place for him to relax and feel secure knowing that he will never be in the way or tumble over while still being near the family. It may be the dog’s bed or the bottom of your desk.

Your Dog will Use His Sense of Smell

Dogs’ sense of smell is a thousand times more powerful than that of humans. Therefore losing sight will not make much of a difference for your dog as he can wander in the home and garden sniffing objects and trees just as before.

While moving through the house, you will leave a trail of your scent and your dog will find you just within no time though he cannot see you. Above that, he will also find out smells around the house which you are not even aware of.

Make the Dog Aware of Danger Spots

If you buy a new piece of furniture or have moved into a new house with your blind dog, you can avoid accidents by using self-adhesive foam pads at the bottom of the furniture to mark it. Spray them lightly with your favourite perfume and walk your dog around the house so as to make him aware of the danger spots.

Thus coping with your dog’s blindness can be much less distressful and you need not worry any longer with these tips.