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The Best Pilates Online

Pilates is a great way to do a low impact exercise that works your whole body without stressing your joints. Pilates was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates to strengthen the core by using your own bodyweight. The slow movements help you concentrate on the way you are using your body. Doing the exercises slowly and smoothly allows your body to become stronger and more flexible.

It focuses on building the core strength to provide support to the rest of the body, while also strengthening the other muscle groups. It also focuses on using the breath to bring more awareness to the body. It is popular with athletes and those in rehab alike.

Pilates Can Be Done By Almost Anyone

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is that almost anyone can do it, regardless of needs or fitness levels. Elite athletes benefit from it as much as those who are just starting to exercise. The foundations of the exercise work even for seniors. It creates proper alignment over your body by building the core and using an integrative mind and body approach.

There are thousands of modifications that can be done to help anyone use the exercise. They can easily be tailored to anyone’s needs.

Pilates Creates Strength With No Bulk

A lot of women are worried about strength training adding bulk. They don’t want to look like men, and they are worried that if they lift weights, they will look too muscular. However, Pilates helps people create long and lean muscles. The muscles aren’t just long and lean for you to show off either; it creates real effective strength that is more functional than weight lifting. It is particularly wonderful at building muscle tone over the whole body.

It uses eccentric contraction to create long, lean muscles.

Pilates Builds The Core Strength We All Need

The sedentary lifestyle so much of us have become used to can cause our bodies to go out of alignment, particularly in the back and core. It is important that the back is supported by strong core muscles to keep the body from compensating elsewhere. The core muscles reach around the abdomen to the deep muscles of the pelvic floor and back. We need these muscles to support the frame of the body. The shoulders are able to relax, and the other muscles become more supple to do their jobs.

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Another benefit of a strong core is the flat ab look we are all after.

Pilates Can Increase Energy

It is a strange thing that exercise actually builds more energy. However, when you exercise more, you have more energy and you feel like moving your body more. Pilates is a great exercise that provides energy because it focuses on breathing and circulation. It gets the blood moving while the muscles and spine are stimulated. It also floods the body with endorphins.

Glo: Pilates Online

If you are looking for a place to do Pilates online, Glo is the place to go. They have online classes led by experts. They created their Pilates program to help you strengthen your spirit, mind, and body. There are a number of classes that are perfect for at-home workouts. They provide classes for beginners as well as for the more advanced Pilates practitioners so you can tailor your practice for your own needs.

Doing Pilates online with Glo is easy. You can use their online platform or their app so you can take a class from anywhere. They have a large variety to keep you inspired and challenged. They even have a free two-week trial for you to test it out.