Monday, March 30, 2020
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Sober Living Home – The In-house Rules

Recovery from addiction is not a simple thing because there are many things involved. Addicts need to recover both physically and emotionally and this can be very challenging. After getting treatment from a recovery facility, it would be hard to get back to your normal life. Therefore, you need to go to a sober living home so that you can transition with ease. If you don’t go through the process of recovery, there is a high chance of falling back into relapse. Research has revealed that chances of a relapse increase by about 70% in one year when an addict does not go through a sober living home.

Therefore, if you want to transition from addiction smoothly, you need to go to a sober living home. The main role of this home is to ensure that a recovering addict learns the ways of sober living and remains clean for a long time after the treatment. Sober homes have talented support team that takes addicts through the process of recovery. In addition, they have practical recovery programs that are very easy for helping addicts recover. Sober living homes also have other activities that help addicts recover fully. This includes yoga, spirituality, medication, exercise as well as other sports. However, there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow while in the home:

  • You have to abstain from all alcohol or drug substances while at the facility. This is very important as it is the primary reason why you are in the facility.
  • Be prepared to go for routine drug tests. During your stay at the facility, you will be required to go for routine tests at the facility. This is done to ensure that you are coping with the treatment. The patrons at the homes take these tests from time to time.
  • Attend community meetings. At sober living home, you will be required to attend routine community meetings. These meetings help members of the community to mingle and interact. In addition, such meetings can help in teaching youths about the effects of drugs and substance abuse.
  • Take your resident duties seriously. It is important for all members to take their resident duties seriously. There is a duty roster in every sober living home that assigns responsibilities to members. The duties include cleaning, teaching, organizing halls and keeping the lawn tidy. You should take all these duties seriously.
  • Integrate well with the community. Member so of the community is also expected to live well with the rest of the community. Sober living home consists of a big community and all members are expected to live in harmony.

In addition to the above regulations, it is important to observe the general code of conduct at the sober living home. The rules prohibit pornographic materials or any sexual activity in the facility. In addition, you are prohibited from smoking cigarettes, taking alcohol and other substances. All these rules are aimed at helping you transition from an addict back to your daily life.