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Missing Teeth? Here Are Your Options To Replace Them


Having a missing tooth or missing teeth can be problematic. For most people, it’s a matter of confidence. There are also those that don’t really want to be seen with an imperfect smile because they have to communicate on a face-to-face basis with other people daily. Fortunately, there are solutions when it comes to missing teeth. They can help improve the quality of life of someone who’s having that particular dilemma.

Do you have missing teeth? There are a lot of options available for you to replace them. Take a look at these different options below so you can make a decision on what you proceed with.

Removable Partial Dentures

With removable partial dentures, you can put on temporary one or many missing teeth only when you deem it’s necessary. You may take it out when you get home and you no longer have to face people to communicate. For most, this is the first step into deciding which step that go with for a more permanent solution.

Temporary Dentures

Although removable partial dentures are technically temporary, actual temporary dentures differ greatly. They can be flipped in and out easily. Most dentists recommend this when waiting for the tooth to be restored with the use of a bridge or dental implant. Compared to its permanent counterparts, it’s less expensive but less durable as well.


A bridge is a permanent replacement. That means it won’t come out because it will be cemented in the mouth. The teeth that you are trying to replace will be cut down on either side. This is done to connect the teeth together to form a much more durable alternative to temporary dentures.

Dental Implants

Perhaps the go-to for those who want to get it and go, dental implants provide you with the most natural-like solution to missing teeth. Those that get bridges complain about the odd feeling that they have when chewing their food. This is not the case with dental implants. Those that want a permanent solution that also emulates the sensation that they felt before losing their teeth tend to get dental implants.

Which one’s the best?

Technically, when it comes to north Arlington dental care, the very best solution would be dental implants. They are the most durable and most natural-feeling solution to replacing missing teeth. Smiling, brushing your teeth, and chewing your food all feel very natural. However, this still really depends on the person that’s getting the procedure done.

Some prefer the feeling of having bridges while there are those that want the option of being able to “give their gums a rest” with removable partial dentures or temporary dentures.

Should I even get my missing teeth replaced?

Definitely. When there’s a gap between your teeth, there’s a high probability that your teeth will start shifting slowly into a particular direction. This shift can cause a permanent change in the structure of your jaw which could affect how your smile looks, how you talk, and even how you eat.

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