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Glo Offers Yoga Classes Online, Anytime, Anywhere

Glo, at, is a unique resource for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga, meditation and stress reduction. It’s the best way to access any meditation or yoga class online.

Everything is offered in an easy-to-access online setting so users can go at their own pace and choose from hundreds of helpful, healthful programs. Digital yoga classes are a smart way to learn because you don’t have to go anywhere, deal with parking your car, or worry about whether the studio is closed for the day. A meditation or yoga class online solves the problem in short order.

From anywhere, at any time of the day, and on any device, Glo users can access the full menu of yoga courses, meditation instructional sessions, and much more. Glo is online yoga and meditation made simple, and it has a massive catalogue of programs to fit beginners, advanced practitioners and everyone in between.

What is Glo, who are the teachers and what are some of the core courses they offer? Here’s a quick look at Glo’s background, mission and class menu:

What Glo Is

  1. What about the mission and the vision? The Glo vision is as simple as it is profound: “A world in which we all live our true potential.” The site’s mission is to “Create intelligent tools that challenge people to live a fulfilling life.”

At Glo, it’s all about using smart, time-tested methods to help people live their very best lives.

  1. Who are the instructors? The Glo team of yoga, meditation, stress relief and other instructors are from all walks of life. There are doctors, academics, working people, medical specialists, engineers, business professionals, parents and others who understand the unique advantage of online learning.
  2. Who benefits from Glo programs? Anyone who wants to learn how to meditate, build a regular yoga practice, or acquire core stress-reduction skills can benefit from the Glo online classes.

The Online Advantage of Glo Yoga and Meditation: Part of the Glo mission is about creating intelligent tools for those who want to move ahead with their own life goals. Online courses for self improvement are as intelligent as it gets.

There’s no reason learning has to take place in a classroom or a gym. With a huge selection of meditation, yoga and stress-reduction video tutorials, the Glo website enables anyone to build a life-improvement practice without being tied to schedules, schools, traffic and all the other hassles that come with traditional learning.

The Physical Benefits are Endless: There’s more to yoga than stretching. A lot more. In addition to helping with muscle tone, overall bodily strength and flexibility, yoga enthusiasts discover they have more energy, improved breathing and more vitality.

A regular yoga practice can also help bring the body’s metabolism into balance, assist with weight reduction, boost cardiovascular and circulatory health, help keep the body free of injury, and improve athletic performance.

Meditation has a whole different set of advantages, all of which can work synergistically with a daily yoga practice. Because meditation and other stress management techniques are so effective, and widely used in a wide range of traditional and non-traditional medical fields, they offer significant benefits.

People who battle back pain, frequent headaches, colds, general anxiety, problems with concentration, trouble sleeping, mood swings, neck pain and overall physical discomfort can get relief by learning simple meditation techniques as taught by Glo.

Meditation, Stress Reduction and Yoga Class Online

Glo is the answer for people who are reluctant to attend in-person classes for whatever reason, who prefer to go at their own pace, and who like the idea of a yoga class online that offers the ultimate in customized instruction.