Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Kratom and More Options for Pain Relief

For many people who suffer from neck and cervical pain, contacting a specialist or taking medication is not always enough to solve the problem.

These are factors related to our lifestyle and our daily habits that help keep the pain alive and prevent full recovery. By using kratom for pain relief the best results you will be able to see.

In this article we explain some small precautions to be taken immediately to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the factors that contributed to the onset of the problem.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Intervertebral discs need water to maintain their height and reduce pressure on the spine. In fact, each disc is composed at 80% water at birth and then gradually dehydrates as we grow and begin to age.

Drinking lots of water helps prevent excessive dehydration of the intervertebral discs and therefore reduce neck pain.

  1. Pay attention to how the phone is used

The mobile phone contributes significantly to increase cervical complaints:

Talking on the phone while holding the phone between the shoulder and the ear, or keeping the head bent forward to write and reading messages helps to apply additional stress on the cervical spine and increase pain.

To avoid pain you can adopt these little precautions:

  • Use the headset to make calls
  • When writing messages or surfing the internet, hold the phone high in front of your eyes to decrease the angle that your neck has to make
  • Take small and frequent breaks to relax the neck muscles

Go to the pool

The therapeutic effects of the cervical pool are numerous especially when it comes to reducing inflammation and relaxing muscle tension.

Here are some useful tips:

Walk in the tub with the body immersed up to the chin

Always with water up to the chin move the head up and down, to the right and left

Adopt a swimming style that does not involve many movements with the neck and head. Backstroke could be a solution or alternatively, you can talk about it with the swimming instructor who will certainly advise you in the best way based on the situation.

If you find yourself in the acute phase and because of too intense pain swimming is difficult, a good alternative could be the spa!

  1. Consult an Osteopath

When you have pain in the neck it is typical to think of the Osteopath as the one “bumps” your neck and the pain disappears instantly! If in part this is true, a good Osteopath in these cases is able to do even more:

  • Identify the cause of the pain
  • Give advice on how to avoid getting hurt again
  • Teach specific exercises to strengthen the neck muscles and improve posture
  1. Consider acupuncture

When you suffer from muscle tension, especially in the area of ​​the shoulders and neck, acupuncture can be very effective: the insertion of small needles into the tension muscles immediately relaxes the contractures giving an almost immediate benefit.