Monday, March 30, 2020
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How to verify an online pharmacy?

People may easily get tempted to buy medicines from an online pharmacy or any pharmaceutical websites. However, most of the online pharmacies are rogue sites that are illegitimate and unsafe. Even experts face a problem in identifying a fake pharmacy website. Some sophisticated companies use malware or are selling medicines that may have dangerous effects on your health.

It is advisable that you try to protect your family from these fake pharmacy websites. While maximum online sites of pharmacy are fake or non-certified, there are some Canadian pharmacy online sites that are certified. These sites operate legally and can be trusted for their services. There are many sites that sell medicines without a prescription. These sites counterfeit the safeguards of licensed pharmacies.

Ways to identify a rogue online pharmacy


  • The pharmacies that sell medicines without a prescription from a medical practitioner.
  • These sites do not have a licensed pharmacist to answer the queries.
  • They offer medicines at a very low rate compared to the actual price of the medicine.
  • These sites continuously spam your mail with offers of cheap medicines.
  • The medicines sold by these sites do not have the license displayed on their homepage.


Signs of safe online pharmacy websites

There are many factors by which you can identify a safe website of pharmacy. Some of them are listed below:

  • A licensed or certified online pharmacy displays its certificate on its homepage.
  • A genuine online pharmacy requires a prescription from a doctor before selling any medicines.
  • Check the licensing status of the online pharmacy company by the state board of pharmacy.
  • They have a licensed pharmacist to answer the questions of the clients regarding medication.
  • They have the address of the company mentioned on the website.

It is rightly said “precaution is better than cure”. So it is advisable to buy medicines from a trusted source which offers you a good purchasing experience.