Friday, May 29, 2020
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8 foods that will help you quit smoking

Among New Year’s resolutions, quitting tobacco is the king. To achieve this, willpower is important, even decisive. But there are also some best way to stop smoking, such as the consumption of certain foods, which will make the path to a healthier life easier.

Milk, cheese or yogurt

According to a study conducted by researchers at Duke University (North Carolina, USA), some foods worsen the taste of cigarettes, including fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Drinking a glass of warm milk after dinner may be a good idea, both for the conclusions mentioned in the study, and for its content in tryptophan, an amino acid that in the body is transformed into serotonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

Green Tea

Substituting coffee for a mug of tea will yield important benefits. Its antioxidant content is particularly impressive in the means of smoking ceasing, as it helps to cleanse and purify the body.

If you do not like tea, you can also prepare hot tea, the one you like the most. Taking it slowly in a quiet environment will help reduce the anxiety caused by quitting.


This root is one of the various powerful foods in a diet to stop smoking. The carrot protects the lungs and provides vitamins of type B and C.

You can include it as an ingredient in many recipes, but it can also be the absolute protagonist of a salad, along with a little of fresh cheese and a splash of extra virgin olive oil.


Include a slice of pineapple as breakfast, dessert, or part of a delicious starter with a slice of ham will provide a good dose of tryptophan, an amino acid that the body transforms into serotonin, a hormone that will help us not lose good humor. The one that is depleted when you are a new ex-smoker.

Pineapple juices, orange, broccoli, spinach, carrots, red fruits, and kiwis are ideal to help eliminate the remains of nicotine from your body.

Walnuts and cashews

Thanks to the magnesium that many nuts contain, it is possible to reduce the state of anxiety and nervousness related to quitting smoking.

Magnesium is a natural tranquilizer that relaxes the muscles and is found in nuts, cashews, pine nuts, and almonds, among other foods. It is preferable to eat them raw or toasted but never fried.



Its leaves contain an active principle with tonic and sedative properties on the nervous system. It helps to calm the nerves, control the palpitations and to sleep better.

You can complete your lettuce salad with the antioxidant properties of the tomato and the provitamin A of the carrot.

Whole grains

The intake of complex carbohydrates, i.e., slow absorption calm the brain and gives a sense of peace. Two benefits to be grateful when only a few weeks ago we decided to stop smoking.

We can find them in whole grains (oats, wheat, rice) and their derivatives, such as pasta.


This fruit is the queen of relaxation. So, it is ideal to consume in different preparations to help us relieve stress and fall asleep in difficult periods such as quitting.

Its content of vitamin B12, B6 and potassium serves to combat insomnia and helps relax the body while we sleep.