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How Crowdfunding Can Aid Your Animal Rescue Campaign

Do you pick up abandoned or injured puppies, dogs and other animals whenever you find them and take them home? Do you often foster rescued animals? Do you volunteer at your local animal shelter?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, you’re clearly an animal lover hoping to do what you can to make a difference. You, like many other foster parents and active rescuers, can multiply the impact you make on your furry friends by running a crowdfunding campaign!

Thousands of kind individuals who have found abandoned and injured animals have turned to crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru to help pay for their animals’ medical treatment, vaccinations, foster care and so on.

Examples of successful animal rescue crowdfunding campaigns in India

Rashmi found Kristy, a badly bred Golden Retriever whose growth was stunted abandoned in Bengaluru. He suffered a severe skin infection and was shivering from a fever. She began crowdfunding to help pay for his treatment and while she promoted her fundraiser, she came across a couple who fell in love with the dog and were eager to adopt him!

Ankita is a psychology at a children’s mental health clinic in Gurgaon. When the clinic was moved into its new building, Ankita found Mowgli, an indie dog who was already occupying the space. Unwilling to move him out of his home, Ankita instead turned to crowdfunding so she could get Mowgli trained as a therapy dog for the children.

Shalini is a passionate warrior against animal cruelty in Bareilly. She also runs an animal shelter where she hosts over 70 dogs, cats, cows and horses. Crowdfunding India is helping her afford a bigger space for her animals.

Why crowdfunding and animals go hand in hand

The fuel of the crowdfunding industry is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram are platforms where people share powerful stories incessantly, leading to a large number of donations. Thus, an impact is made.

Stories of animal rescue are some of the most popularly shared. Their tendency to go viral is exactly what makes them so ideal for crowdfunding. Some of the most followed pages on Facebook run crowdfunding campaigns for rescued animals that raise millions of dollars in a matter of a few days. These animals are quickly able to get the medical care they need and find loving homes in no time thanks to the vast promotion they receive.

Tips for running your own campaign

  1. Make sure you have lots of imagery. Don’t skimp on pictures and videos, as these will be the major attention-grabbing element that will make a social media user stop scrolling and read your story.
  1. Ask your friends and family to spread the word through Instagram stories, Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups and so on.
  1. Try approaching animal shelters around town and ask them to promote your story on their social media pages.

Read up more tips, tricks and success stories on crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru. If you’re actively involved in animal rescue initiatives, don’t hesitate! Begin crowdfunding today.