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Erection pills available over the counter in Australia

Now-a-days there are many erection pills available over the counter in Australia and all across the globe for treating erectile dysfunction. Nizagara is turning out to be one of the best viagra alternatives now-a-days. It’s not a myth anymore that males do experience erectile dysfunction at a certain time in their lives while they need to involve in the act of intercourse.

Doctors and researchers have given different views and pointers on why males suffer from erectile dysfunction. Here’s a brief overview about it.

-lack of sleep (lack of physical and mental rest)

-incomplete diet which lacks important ingredients like starch, potassium, carbs and vitamins

-Mental tension and stress

-Body weakness, lacking energy

How to treat Erectile Dysfunction naturally?

It comes down to having healthy lifestyle. It means that one should consider the following pointers:

-Sleep for at least 7 hours every 24 hours

-Take at least 3 complete meals everyday which contains all necessary ingredients like vitamins, carbs, potassium & starch etc. Your meal should contain salad, vegetables, meat and fruit shakes.

-Do not take mental tension and stress as it leads to many problems including erectile dysfunction

-Exercise daily for better circulation of blood to all parts of your body

If you are still not able to get proper firm erection during intercourse, then we recommend taking Nizagara tablet with caution.

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Lack of proper erection causes lack of confidence in males and reduces quality of his sexual life.

As mentioned, to treat erectile dysfunction, Nizagara is the suggested soltuion to overcome sexual problems in males like impotence.

Here’s a brief overview about the price and dosage for Nizagara:

Nizagara is available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dosage.

Details about Nizagara 100mg:

100mg tabs x 10 pills = $38.84 which means $3.88 per pill

100mg tabs x 30 pills = $68.11 which means $2.27 per pill

100mg tabs x 60 pills = $112.03 which means $1.87 per pill

The table above shows that the more you order, the more you save and the price per pill ranges from $1.87 to $3.88 depending on the number of pills being ordered.

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