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Factors When Deciding To Get A Breast Augmentation

These days in North American society, it seems that having large, full breasts is an ideal for which many women strive. Women who have breasts that are on the smaller side may be happy with their appearance, but a sizable portion of small-breasted women make the decision to have implants in their breasts to increase the size. Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular elective surgeries today.

The surgery is particularly popular with women who have always had small breasts and who want to look more feminine. Some women deciding to get a breast augmentation are motivated because repeated pregnancies and periods of nursing babies have deflated their breasts from their original size. They wish to gain back their pre-pregnancy appearance as much as possible. For these women, breast augmentation surgery can be a great confidence booster.

Another reason for deciding to get a breast augmentation is that a woman may have breasts that are not both the same size. One breast may be only slightly larger than the other, but in some cases, one breast may be as much as two sizes larger than the other one. These women typically feel awkward and embarrassed to have two breasts that are so unequal. A surgical implant in the smaller breast can make it the same size as the other, resulting in a more symmetrical appearance for the woman.

Because there is so much focus on appearance in American society, women may have unrealistic expectations about how a breast augmentation will improve their lives. Small-breasted women who are shy and self conscious may have the belief that having larger breasts will make them feel more confident and sexy. This may or may not turn out to be true.

A woman whose husband has strayed may have the belief that getting larger breasts will keep her husband from roaming and that deciding to get a breast augmentation will fix her marriage. A woman may feel pressure from a husband or boyfriend to have this surgery done, instead of doing it for her own sake.

A surgeon who is experienced at doing breast augmentation surgery will carefully interview potential clients to understand the motives behind the surgery. If a woman has the wrong motives for the operation and unrealistic expectations, she can plunge into a deep depression after the surgery if it turns out that getting breast implants did not solve the problems in her life.

It is important to take your time when choosing whether or not to get breast augmentation. Doing it for the wrong reasons will not magically solve deep psychological or relationship problems. It is also important to have realistic expectations. Breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons is not covered by medical insurance so it is important for the woman to be certain she truly wants this.

A skilled surgeon will ensure that the new breasts will be an appropriate size and shape for the woman who is having the procedure done. If the breast size chosen is too large or too small, the patient will be unhappy with the result and may return in a year to have the procedure done again to achieve a different look. The surgeon will also guide the woman in the decision whether to get saline or silicon implants.

Breast implants will not last forever and even if they do not develop leakage or other problems, they will probably need to be done again after about ten years. Women need to work closely with a qualified surgeon (visit here) when deciding to get a breast augmentation done. There are surgical risks with the procedure, and there can be psychological risks if the breast enlargement is done for the wrong reasons.