Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Enjoy the experience of childbirth sans pain

The pain that a woman experiences during delivery can range above 8 on the scale of 10. It can be unbearable for women who are undergoing their first delivery. However, with the development of medical science, there are many options available to mitigate the pain of delivery. The women also have the option to go for painless delivery to reduce the intensity of the pain. Click here for more information.

Pros of painless delivery

  • Painless delivery provides relief from pain to the patient. The consciousness and mobility of the patient are retained. This allows them to watch the baby being born.
  • Painless delivery helps the mother to cope with after birth problems like fatigue and depression.
  • Painless delivery ensures that no stress hormones are released in the body by providing relief from pain. Stress hormones if released are likely to affect the health of the mother and the baby adversely.
  • The procedure of painless delivery reduces the blood pressure of the mother. It is beneficial for women who have high blood pressure as the blood sugar levels are likely to increase during childbirth.
  • In painless delivery use of additional anesthesia is not required. The doctors can switch to forceps delivery without using anesthesia.

Cons of painless delivery

  • Under painless delivery, the blood sugar level of the mother can see a sudden drop. Low blood pressure can affect the heart rate of the baby.
  • The patient may feel dizziness, shivering, and backache at any occasion during the delivery period.
  • The patient can feel a sudden headache if there is any leakage of the spinal fluid.
  • Painless delivery can cause problems in urinating for the patient.
  • Under painless delivery, the patient is injected. The patient may feel soreness and pain in the back where they have been injected.
  • The mother is likely to experience numbness from the waist down for a good couple of hours after the delivery.
  • Painless delivery can cause irreversible damages to the nerves in the area where the catheter was inserted in the patient.
  • There are chances that the baby may have a problem in latching on the breast for breastfeeding.