Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Choosing your Joy; Three Truth to Help You Start Today

“I have noticed a difference in you from the past few months”, it is one of the most loveable compliments you will get from your beloved ones. If you are wrestled with anxiety and afraid of the dark, having issues health-relevant, and require music to fall asleep, then your life is lacking joy. You need some rays of joy to restart your life. But what is choosing joy? I tell you, rejoice always, always thankful, accept the reality, and pray constantly. If you do this, God will always be there for you. Keep in mind, Joy isn’t optional, and it’s an essential part of any religion.

God created humans for rejoicing

God created humanity in its image, male and female. As a Christian, people always give thanks to God that they are glad for the life of God. People meet the same atmosphere where the gods had lived; they eat the same thing that they had eaten, and drink the same water that God has drunk and also struggle hard to achieve something that God also had experienced the same struggle in his life. God created us to live together and enjoy the vulnerabilities of life. We are social creatures, created to live in the joy and happiness that good relationships bring.

Joy isn’t a feeling that is dependent on circumstances

No matter how hard our circumstances are. But, keep in mind they all are temporary. God never says to attach to temporary things. Never cry and ruin your life for temporary things. Choosing joy is nothing to do with how we feel and everything to do with how we obey. If you focus on bad circumstances you will feel anxiety, whereas if you focus on the ray of joy you will be happy. Sad, stress, and anxiety are toxic aspects of life; only joy tends to eliminate this toxicity. Even when it’s not easy for you to be happy in bad circumstances, try to shape the way that can distract your mind from all vulnerabilities.

Choosing Joy is God-Enabled

Like people, if they were surrendered to over our emotions, they would be misdirected more frequently than they want to concede. Yet, fortunately, God has cleared a path for us to come back to Him and live in triumph. Jesus took the anger of God upon Himself and addressed the cost of our wrongdoing. As a result of Christ, God’s anger is no longer against us.

If God cleared a path for us to be back to Him through suffering and death on a cross, wouldn’t you say He will also clear a path for you to be cheerful?

If God clears a path to back again through suffering and death on a cross, don’t you think he will also make a path of joy for you?

Final Say

We hope now you know three important ways to get joy in life, even your circumstances are bad. You can also take the help of a prayer request platform that will pray for you regarding your problems.