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4 Benefits Of Physiotherapy In The Recovery Of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be caused by numerous factors like lack of conditioning, neglecting warm-up sessions, improper techniques and more. Apart from experienced athletes, sports injuries can also occur in children while playing certain games without adequate training. Sometimes, these injuries are normal, and it takes only a few days to restore the physical functions of the body. But some others are grave injuries that may take weeks or even months to recover. 

Regular physiotherapy can hasten the recovery process of such critical injuries like muscle strain, torn MCL, Achilles tendonitis, stress fracture, plantar fasciitis among others.

Go through the following benefits of physiotherapy in sports injury recoveries, especially if you’re suffering from one.

Muscle strengthening 

Injuries may cause your muscles to get weaker, and it takes quite long to restore strength in them. The expert sports physiotherapists use a series of muscle-strengthening exercises and therapies to increase the strength of your injured muscles so that you can get back to the field faster. A combination of static and dynamic exercises helps your muscles gain back their strength sooner than expected.

Reduce stiffness 

After a massive injury, you may find it difficult to move your muscles and joints for quite some time. Physiotherapists make use of Range of Motion (ROM) exercises to reduce this stiffness and get back to normalcy. Your doctor will be able to determine whether you should try active or passive ROM exercises, depending on the type and severity of your injury. Based on his instructions, the physiotherapist will help your joints and muscles recover faster.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

This therapy is used by the sports physiotherapists in the case of certain musculoskeletal injuries that can be treated without surgeries. If you’re suffering from such an injury, you can get in touch with CareAxis to find you a licensed and certified physiotherapist to perform the LLLT. However, you should seek proper medical advice before you opt for the same.



Aquatic Therapy or Hydrotherapy is an amazing rehabilitation exercise technique used by the sports physiotherapists to rehabilitate muscles and joints. It helps to provide relaxation by supporting the body’s weight in water. You don’t need to learn swimming to try this out but it’s best to inform your physiotherapist about this in advance.

So you can see how sports physiotherapists use a series of techniques to hasten the recovery process after an injury? As a sportsperson, your priority is resuming your game as soon as possible, so make the most of available opportunities and get fit soon.