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Why Clinical Thermometers Are Best Suited To Measure Body Temperature?

The thermometer has to be among the most used medical equipment across the world. You can find it in most households, and clinics or hospitals and these are not deemed equipped unless this vital device is possessed. It’s used to measure body temperature so that a fever could be ascertained. The device is fit for using for humans as well as for animals, outlining its significance in the true sense. It’s simple to use, anyone can take readings and above all, an accurate information is had in regard to fever. Among the available types, the clinical variety of thermometer is created specifically for helping people take body temperature in a smooth manner.

Here are some of the features of a thermometer made for clinical purposes –  

  • This type of thermometer often uses thermometric liquids such as mercury and alcohol to enable body temperature measurement in an easy manner
  • The device can be use used either orally, rectally, vaginally, and doctors ever recommend using it at axillary points such as the underarm
  • A clinical thermometer is fit for taking body’s temperature in humans and animals alike, and age is not a constraint in seeking accurate readings of it  
  • The device is created to typically measure the temperature between a range from 95 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit (or 35 to 40 degrees Celsius)
  • Accurate and consistent readings are a norm with the thermometer made for clinical purposes and that’s why doctors recommend them for home use also
  • It’s a slight modification of the mercury thermometer and bestowed with a smaller size than the laboratory thermometer
  • The device comes fitted with a constriction in the fine capillary tube to help record the maximum body temperature in an easy manner
  • The constriction stops the mercury from either flowing back or contracting when the device is taken out of the human body
  • You have to shake the mercury thread so that it can get back into the bulb and the device is then ready to be used again
  • The instrument is fit for measuring temperature of elderly people, adults and children alike with age no bar in performance and accuracy  
  • Like humans, this device is fit for taking animal body temperature where it can be placed in the mouth and the reading range taken with ease
  • The device is also helpful in predicting female fertility and women can use it to gauge fertile periods even without visiting a doctor
  • Women can measure their basal body temperature, or BBT, analyze the spike in temperature and come to know about the ovulation  
  • The device should be a must-have at home for check whether someone in the family has fever as you can’t visit a doctor so often
  • Although mercury can be dangerous, this does not take away anything from the top level of performance this thermometer delivers
  • There are digital devices available but they may cost a lot more so you can stick with the one made for clinical purpose
  • And lastly, this thermometer type is present in houses for centuries and it’s as accurate as any other in the market