Thursday, April 9, 2020
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What is Natural Wine and Why You Should Drink It

Natural wines are not just a type of wine; but they are a philosophical choice to find the natural expression of the place where it was produced with the least interference of substances other than the grape itself. The grapes used in the creation of natural wines are produced following the requirements of organic agriculture, without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic products.

The grape harvests are done manually, and during the winemaking process the winemaker strives to keep the wine alive. Technical interventions that alter the bacterial makeup of the wine as well as the addition of any chemicals is prohibited.

Natural wines are a much healthier option and are actually more digestible. They are an upcoming worldwide trend and should be getting more notoriety. If you aren’t currently familiar with natural wines, you will certainly be curious to try a bottle or two after reading these reasons to join the natural wine movement.

Because it’s natural

Natural wine, unlike the conventional stuff is made with only organic or biodynamically farmed grapes and almost nothing else. Wine production legislation allows producers to add almost 70 different additives to traditional wines – this means that it is perfectly acceptable to put things like egg albumin, fish glue, pieces of oak wood, sugar and gelatin into their wines.

A natural wine is produced with grapes harvested by hand, using true artisan techniques, without inputs with the possible exception (but not encouraged) a minimum does of sulphites.

It represents a new vision of society

Behind the natural wine movement is an ecosystem which heavily promotes biodynamic, sustainable agriculture, local commerce and a conscious consumption of the nature which surrounds it. Natural wine is the manifestation of an artisan, autonomous and healthy agriculture; it is an alternative economic model which is viable and more importantly, sustainable.

The grapes grow without chemical fertilisers or interventions, which means that the soil is preserved from human hyper-intervention. There is no chemistry, just patience, know-how and lots of manpower; soils remain healthy and so do the farmers.


Drink without worrying about a headache

Say goodbye to those painful mornings when you wake up with that annoyingly loud jackhammer going off in your head, wishing for a waterfall to flow into your mouth. With natural wine, if you ever over-indulge a bit more than you’re supposed to, the absence of sulphites will guarantee a much more manageable hangover.


Immerse yourself in a new world of wine

Choosing natural wines means changing very old and ingrained habits. They are often wines which exceed the ordinary and offer a totally new taste experience. Many people have described natural wine as having a special characteristic; they have the ability to touch our souls like no other wine.

There is an exercise you can complete at your next gathering of friends or family – bring two bottles of wine with you, a classic wine like a Bordeaux and a bottle of natural wine. You’ll quickly see how natural wine provokes comments and discussions. Natural wine will surprise, divide opinions and cause a commotion.