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Vaginal Health- Tips you should know

Just like you care about your hair, face, nails and feet, your vagina is also a very important and delicate part of your body. For many women the vagina talk is kid of awkward and we don’t know what makes it awkward when this is just another part of your body. In fact, the most surprising thing is that most women don’t even know what’s normal or what’s not normal with their intimate part. And that can cause many severe issues in future.

But whatever it is, All women should be aware of their vaginal health. Monitor weird growths of your vagina like the bumps of foul smell and maintain a proper hygiene. Generally, a vagina contains acidic pH which has beneficial bacterias in rich quantity that prevent your vagina from major infections. Every part of a woman’s body is beautiful and requires care. So if you don’t know what steps you should take for maintaining a proper hygiene of your vagina, here are some for your help. Let’s check them out!

When wiping do it from front to back

Dampness is the root cause of many infections so try to keep your vagina dry all the time. Always use a soft,plain and unscented toilet paper to dry your vagina every time you pee and yes do it from front to back. If you do it in opposite direction chances are you might infuse some harmful bacterias in your vagina from anus. So don’t do it.

Go for cotton underwears

Cotton fabric is soft to skin, comfortable to wear, dries faster and yes also prevents the growth of unhealthy bacterias. Cotton is always better for inner-wears rather than the synthetic ones that causes irritation. So let your vagina breath and stay moisture free beneath the soft touch of cotton underwears.

Stay away from douching

Douching means spraying  your vagina with water or with other fluids. Many believe that this is a way of curing bad odor and residual of menstrual blood. But this is just a myth. In fact, these fluids contains harsh chemicals that wash away the healthy bacterias from your vagina. Instead of these chock full of chemicals you can use oils like lavender and rose water mix with coconut oil to cleanse your vagina.

intain proper hygiene during menstrual

Hygiene should be your top priority during periods. No matter what you use tampons, sanitary pads or menstrual cups make sure you change it in every 4-5 hours.

Practice safe sex always

When sex is dry it can cause ruptured skin which may lead to infections. So have a safe sex with proper lubricants. You can even use coconut oil instead. Another safe sex practice includes urination after an intercourse. Urination right after sex prevent unwanted bacterias to enter into your urethra and bladder. Also do not forget to wash around your vagina for better hygiene.

Well good vagina health is not a single step process. Your lady part need proper attention and care. Thankfully, there are some easy tips to take better care of this fragile part of woman body.