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Types Of Breast Procedures

Many folks, especially women have issues with their breast. Some females have smaller breasts, whereas others have a bigger breast. Even some males have over-developed breasts. All such conditions give an unsightly appearance. People with some kind of breast condition feel shy to interact in a social environment. However, it’s possible to deal with any such problem through breast procedures. These are surgical processes aimed at reshaping and re-sizing breasts so that they look appealing and align well with the persona of an individual.

Types of breast procedures

Breast surgery procedures are diverse and designed to cater to the needs of various types of patients. Whether you’ve a small breast or big breasts, these procedures can treat the problem. Here are the different types of procedures to fix your abnormal breast.

Breast lift

It’s a procedure designed to reshape and raise sagging breasts. Breast lift also deals with reducing the size of the areola or darkening of the skin around the nipple area. Generally, breasts that have lost firmness or volumes could be enhanced through a breast lift procedure.

Breast augmentation

Some women have a small-sized breast due to one or the other reason. Such a condition hampers the figure and body contour. Females with this problem can opt for breast augmentation.

It’s one of the most innovative breast procedures aimed at enhancing the shape and size of the breast. Using breast implants or saline, the bust-line could be increased by one or more bra cup sizes. Plus, augmentation can add symmetry to breasts that are disproportionate in shape and size, or have lost their volume and firmness.

Breast reconstruction

Today, many women are hit by breast cancer. The good thing is the condition can be curable if detected early. However, the bad thing is a major portion or the complete breast is removed to treat cancer. That can be really disappointing for any woman. This is where breast reconstruction comes as a boon for these females. The surgery aims at reconstructing the breast and restoring it to its normal size.

The procedure involves the creation of the breast mould, operations to ascertain symmetry with the opposite breast and creation of the nipple-areola complex. As well as restoring the breast to normalcy, the procedure enhances the aesthetics to make the overall breasts visually appealing. Usually, these breast procedures can be carried out right after chemotherapy. However, most surgeons ask the patient to wait for some time before opting for the reconstruction procedure.

Breast reduction

Some women have very large breasts. Such a condition lowers their morale in addition to giving an unsightly appearance. You’ll also come across men who’ve breasts like women. These individuals feel downgraded and depressed all the time. All these males and females can opt for breast reduction to fix the problem.

Also known as mammoplasty, breast reduction surgery deals with the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts. The main goal of the surgery is to restore the breasts to normal situations as they should be. Breast reduction could be performed at any age, but it’s advised to wait until the breasts have stopped developing. Women who intend to have children should wait until childbirth and seek consultation before opting for the procedure.

Bottom line

Battling unappealing breasts can be a real challenge. As well as presenting unsightly looks, such breasts lower the confidence of the person. However, you may avert any such scene by opting for breast procedures. Just get familiar with the various types of procedures and seek a reputed surgeon dedicated to breast surgery, like Dr. Ted Eisenberg. Within no time, you could tweak your breast and enhance your individuality.