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The Pros and Cons of the Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery is the most popular refractive surgery that is used to treat the common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Lasik Eye Surgery will make you free from your eyeglasses and contact lenses by correcting your vision through surgery. Lasik Eye Surgery is one of the most popular refractive treatments in the United States and other parts of the world. If you are planning Lasik Eye Surgery Michigan and have some confusions about the surgery. There are many myths and facts about the Lasik Eye Surgery that make people worried. In this article, we have discussed some Pros and Cons of Lasik Eye surgery. However, there are some the expected result of Lasik Eye Surgery depends upon the individual’s eye health. But there are some general Pros and cons of Lasik Eye surgery listed below.

Pro: Lasik Eye Surgery is Quick Treatment

The Lasik Eye Surgery is an outpatient treatment, but it will only take up to 20 minutes. The Most of the time in Operation Theater is spent in setting up the surgery and pre-surgery procedures. The laser machine is designed to offer protection to the patient’s eye. There is a mechanism to shut off the laser if there is any slight movement of the eye.

Con: Not everyone is Eligible for LASIK

Everyone is not eligible for Lasik eye surgery. Depending upon the eye health, age, prescription of the Patient the patient is eligible.

It is not suitable to go for LASIK if the individual is more than 40 years old.

Pro: Results of LASIK eye Surgery are quick

The time taken to get the clear sight or vision after the Lasik eye surgery is very less. The individual went through the Lasik eye surgery can get normal eye vision within 24 hours after the surgery. However, the expected results can vary from individual to individual. Even patients can resume their normal activities within 48 hours.

Con:  Some Lasik risks are possible

There are some minor risks and side effects of Lasik Eye surgery.

People face eye dryness up to three months after the Lasik Eye surgery. Some people face nighttime glare or halos after Lasik Eye surgery. These risks and side effects are uncommon among the patients and technology of Lasik is providing much better treatments reducing the side effects.

Pro: You can give up your glasses or contact lenses

LASIK eye surgery can make you free from the glasses and contact lenses. Patients after the Lasik eye surgery enjoy their life with a different view of the prospect. All the improved visions help them to live life comfortably.

Con: Flaps can be injured

Flaps are formed during the Lasik eye surgery. Flaps can be injured if you rub your eye while they are healing. However, the doctor gives you a prescription for the aftercare of Lasik eye surgery that involves healing of flaps. Taking the great aftercare will help stay away from any of the issues of eye health. Visiting your doctor regularly after the Lasik eye surgery can help you maintain your eye health.