Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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The minoxidil 5 is completely helpful for both men and women

The Minoxidil 5 solution and also foam both are used to grow hair in males who suffer from pattern baldness. It is not basically used for complete baldness in the front of the scalp in men. Two percent of this solution i.e. minoxidil 5 solution and foam mixes well and is used by women who have quite thin hair.

This belongs under a certain class of drug which is well known as vasodilators. This drug is not popular due to growing of hair in males and females. This is a medication which is not used for a sudden hair loss or hair loss after having a child or loss due to his family history. It is prescribed that it should not be used by younger children below 18 years of age. It is always advisable to use this medication before consulting a doctor or a pharmacist.

The way of using this is mentioned below:

  • Before applying this solution it is preferred to have a dry and clean scalp or even damp hair.
  • Part the entire area of hair into different portions and then apply the solution.
  • Remember not to put more than 20 drops of solution in the scalp.
  • Then gently rubbing is required
  • Lastly, let the solution dry up completely before any other products could be applied on the head.
  • Rinse the hands with water which is cold and then dry them well.
  • Half of the capful of foam is to be rubbed gently and then the process is completed.

The minoxidil 5 is not effectual for some of the people. So if there is any irritation is the head then the customer must avoid the usage of this solution. This solution must not be used in any other part of the body unless and until the doctor does not advice the patient.