Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Smok Stick Prince Kit: Newest Pen Style Kit

The Smok stick prince kit is the starter kit, which looks exactly like a pen, which completely satisfies the customers by giving them the best amazing experiences of the top level. The battery of large capacity with baby tank and 20 amps capability of discharge. It makes one of the most convenient and favorite daily vaping devices. There is a coil head, which brings smooth and flavorful clouds and has top cap designs, which bring convenience while refilling, and these kits are best to use. 

Components of Smok Stick Kit

There are different components in Smok Stick Kit which includes the following:

  • Battery
  • Dual Coils
  • Baby Tank
  • Vape Band        

Specifications of Smok Stick Kit

Various specifications included in the Smok Stick Kit are their amazing components, which has made it highly popular, gives the best experiences to the users, and completely satisfies them. 

The different components are as follows:

  • Power Button
  • Base
  • Coil Head
  • Glass Tube
  • Top Cap
  • Drip Tip

The battery used in the kit is highly durable and powerful which brings a massive cloud of vapor. These products are safe to use and are highly popular products. There is also a Battery, which shows immediate response and the indicator of battery blinks for a different number of times indicating its different actions such as if the indicator blinks for 15 minutes, it means that it requires charging. If it blinks for 4 times each, then the consumer is taking a puff with E-cigarette. Multiple protections are provided which is completely automatic protecting low voltage, protection of low resistance and there are 8- seconds cut off facility included in it. The drip tip provides an increased air-flow. By turning the ring at the base of the atomizer, the flow of air can be freely adjusted. 

The other component V8 – Baby M2 is pre-installed and it brings the massive cloud of vapor having 0.15 dual coils. While the V8- Baby M2 brings cool and smooth taste having 0.25 dual coils. 

How to Refill the Baby Tank?

There are following steps for the top Refill System as follows:

  1. Grip the tank with one hand and use the other hand to press the top cap and, stir it counter-clockwise.
  2. Then add the e-liquid from the end to end to the slot and give attention so that not to dip it into the central airflow tube.
  3. Finally, close the cap carefully and very firmly. Then let it stand for several minutes for getting the organic cotton completely or fully saturated.

Reasons for the Popularity of Smok Stick Products

These products are best as these coils are of premium quality and are well designed and the consumer will surely enjoy the rich and smooth flavor. There is an excellent tank which is known for delivering the big clouds having amazing flavor. The battery used in it is of higher quality and gives the maximum output. The consumers are very happy and well satisfied with the amazing quality of the Smok stick.