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Is It Ok to Just Correct One Droopy Eyelid?

Eyelid ptosis is the term used to describe a droopy eyelid, a condition that can end up obscuring vision and causing a “tired” appearance.

As we age, the skin, connective tissue and muscles that are responsible for controlling the eyelid become stretched and lose elasticity. This means that the eyelid can no longer maintain its usual position and the eyelid begins to sag.

In some cases, patients that have a droopy eyelid also have a heavy eyebrow, excess skin on the upper eyelid or bulging eyelid fat, which means that more than one issue may need to be addressed in order to achieve the desired result.

What Causes Eyelid Ptosis?

There are a number of reasons why eyelids begin to sag, including:

  • Large lumps on the eyelid
  • Genetics
  • Botox
  • Injury to the eye
  • Brain tumours
  • Contact lens use
  • Eye or contact lens allergies
  • Neuromuscular disease

How to Correct Eyelid Ptosis

The best way to correct this condition is with eyelid surgery. The surgical approach that is used will depend on the specific issue that is being addressed, how severe the ptosis is and whether skin also needs to be removed. Bulging fat deposits can also be removed to completely rejuvenate the eye.

An incision can either be made on the inside of the eyelid or along the lash line, which will give your surgeon access to any muscle, fat or tissue that needs to be adjusted. Sutures will be used to close any incisions.

Most patients can go home the same day as their surgery but this will depend on what is being corrected. Your doctor may require you to spend one night in the hospital in some cases.  

You can find more detailed eyelid surgery procedure information here.

How to Correct a Sagging Brow

If you happen to have a sagging brow that accompanies a droopy eyelid, eyelid surgery can be combined with a brow lift.

A brow lift will reduce the skin that creates a hood over the eyelid to create a more refreshed and “awake” look. If the heavy brow was caused by Botox, the problem will eventually correct itself so there is no need to pay for an additional procedure.

Next Steps

To decide what needs to be done to correct your specific eye concerns, you will need to schedule a consultation with a qualified and experienced surgeon that specialises in eyelid surgery.

Not just any surgeon is able to perform a surgery of this nature so it’s important to choose someone who has proven experience and the necessary certifications and qualifications.

During your consultation, your medical history will be reviewed and your eyes evaluated before a procedure can be recommended. A reputable surgeon will always take you through every detail of your procedure and your recovery so that you know exactly what to expect. Make sure that you understand the possible side effects of the procedure and how you can accelerate the healing process after your surgery.