Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Can Meditation Online Bring Bliss and Relief? Glo Shows You How

Meditation has many benefits, but the key to reaping the rewards from the mindful practice begins with taking the time to do it. In today’s busy world, there is barely enough time to sleep, but one company has made a way to make meditation an easy part of your daily routine. Glo has put together a package of meditation online programs that you can access any time of the day or night. If you like to rise early while the day is still young, Glo makes it possible for you to play one of their many meditations and prepare yourself for the events ahead. Maybe you are a night owl. In that case, you may prefer meditating in the moonlight. Glo lets anyone customize meditation to fit his or her lifestyle and goals.

Glo and the founders wanted to create a way for everyone to become involved with yoga and meditation. Through their site, people can download the videos, and once downloaded, they are free to play them anywhere. If you have ever wanted to meditate on a quiet beach or while watching a sunset, Glo has made that possible. The company and its instructors are proud of their products. They are so sure of them that individuals can sign up for a free trial. After the trial period, there is a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time. Glo never locks you into a contract. This just shows how strongly they feel about their videos, and they offer something for everyone.

Bliss and Joy

If you are looking for a method to cultivate inner joy and bliss, Glo can get you started with a focused 5-minute production led by a yogi. During the session, you will use your mind to activate your feelings and senses to bring you to a state of sweet inner harmony. The breath is worked to achieve calmness and health.


Glo’s meditation online platform lets you tailor your time. The teacher, Mr. Harkness, leads the savasana session, and the class is 15 minutes. This form of meditation is performed while lying on your back, and it is a powerful way to reduce stress and release tension built up during the day. Doing this meditation before bedtime may help you ease into sleep, and because of the relaxation techniques, you may learn to sleep the entire night peacefully. Although this sounds easy, it takes some instruction to walk you through the paces and process.

Specialty Meditations

The founders have made sure to include some unique specialty programs to help address other issues. Glo has a meditation online program that is specifically for parents. Parenting can be both challenging and rewarding all at the same time. If you need to find a way to cope with the pressures, Mr. Crandell has put together a meditation for frustrated or irritated moms and dads. Being frustrated with your children is nothing to be ashamed of or something you need to ignore. Through meditation, parents can learn how to deal with the trials and tribulations of raising children.

Another specialty video is meditation to help with PMS. Many women are pelted with varying degrees of PMS each month, and some methods can help ease the issues. Glo’s female instructor, Miss Cruikshank, will walk you through how to use your natural healing energy to move and heal yourself. Some of the symptoms of PMS are mood swings, sensitivity, and even anger. Because the timing of PMS can be unpredictable, using meditation online allows you to access it on your body’s schedule. Practicing Glo’s PMS specific meditation will help you discover your inner beauty and control while offering you relief. The technique is based off a Chinese system that has been used for centuries.