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6 Non-Veg Delicious Red Ginseng Recipes for Healthy Living

Korean Red Ginseng is undoubtedly one of the most popular herbs in the world. Ginseng has been used for over thousands of years in the Asian countries as a magical herb to treat several ailments. From improving the memory power to achieving healthy skin, there is no end to the benefits that Ginseng offers to the human body. Though it has been used for centuries in the Chinese and Korean medicines, there are other ways to consume the Ginseng extract. Yes, the Ginseng powder can easily be added to some of the popular recipes in order to enhance its taste as well as to enjoy the health benefits that Ginseng offers.

Interested in getting hold of some of these exquisite red ginseng recipes? Well, here are non-vegetarian red ginseng delicious recipes which will surely conquer everyone’s taste buds:

  • Creamy Chicken Pasta with Korean Red Ginseng:

Pasta is loved by adults, children and everyone alike. The taste of pasta depends on the sauce that is used to prepare the dish. Adding Panax Red Ginseng to the pasta makes it more delicious and reduces its greasiness greatly. To enhance the taste of the spaghetti further, make sure to season it in chicken stock garnished with Korean Red Ginseng. The Ginseng extract can easily be added to the chicken stock in the form of Ginseng powder and one can also add deer antler velvet powder to increase its health benefits further. Add adequate salt while boiling the pasta in Panax Red Ginseng chicken stock. Once the spaghetti is boiled properly, add the cream to make sure that the pasta is mixed properly with the sauce. The taste of this dish is beyond imagination. Above all, it will transcend all the good properties of red ginseng to the body. Thus, prepare the Creamy Chicken Pasta with Korean Red Ginseng and enjoy the meal as well as its health benefits.

  • Korean Red Ginseng Muffin:

Muffins are one of the most loved edibles in the world. It is made by baking a batter prepared with butter, flour, milk, butter, and yeast. It is perfect for everyone who has a sweet tooth. Muffin is a great snack for the tea time. Above all, it is a great dessert after a heavy meal. The taste, as well as health benefits of this delicious dessert, can further be increased by adding Ginseng extract and deer antler velvet. Red Ginseng is perhaps one of the most renowned medicinal herbs across the world and it can be easily added to the dough prepared from butter, milk, flour, and yeast in the form of Ginseng powder. You can also add the extract of Panax Red Ginseng to the batter by draining it through a sieve instead of adding powder. It makes the muffin much more delicious as well as softer apart from imparting all the other nutritional values. Also, make sure to take out the eggs out of the refrigerator and keep it in the room temperature for a while before adding to the batter.

  • Sweet Sour Chicken in Panax Red Ginseng sauce:

The dish also goes by the name of Chicken tangsuyuk in Panax Red Ginseng sauce. The word tangsuyuk refers that the chicken pieces are covered in starch and deep fried. Korean Red Ginseng sauce provides a perfect balance of taste in between the delicate flavour of fried chicken, sweet and sour sauce along with the bitter taste of Ginseng extract. This dish is perfect for everyone who hates consuming ginseng due to its bitter taste. Make sure to fry the chicken twice to make it crispy as well as more delicious. Fry the chicken golden the very first time, then fry it lightly the second time to get the best taste. Also, add little starch diluted with water to make the sauce dense and stir it continuously while it boils to prevent it from getting lumped.

  • California Roll with Panax Red Ginseng and Kelp:

This is one of the healthiest as well most nutritious delicacies that one can enjoy. Apart from the nutritional values of Panax Red Ginseng, Kelp acts as a great source of iodine which enhances the metabolism and keeps one refreshed as well as charged. Plus, consuming this culinary delicacy also keeps the skin healthy, fresh and young. Furthermore, this California roll with Korean Red Ginseng also comes with rich contents of anti-oxidants. Hence, it keeps the body fresh from the inside. Chop the Ginseng and all other ingredients namely onion, paprika and cucumber. Whisk the eggs and also create the sauce by mixing mustard, mayonnaise as well as honey. You also need to steam the rice and season it adequately. Finally, place the kelp and make the roll by layering eggs, kelp, sauce, rice and the chopped vegetables plus Korean Red Ginseng on top of one another. Now proceed to roll them.

Make sure the Kelp is dried properly before making the roll. Take the aid of a skewer or toothpick to have this pretty role without ruining its shape.

  • Tenderloin Steak with Cream Sauce and Korean Red Ginseng:

Pork is without any doubt one of the vital sources of Vitamin B1; hence this steak dish is very helpful in restoring the stamina of the body and gets rid of stress. When added with Ginseng powder, this tasty dish becomes a powerhouse of vital nutrients. While preparing this dish make sure to knead the patty properly. Deer antler velvet extract can also be added to the patty to make it much more nutritious. You need to create a pork patty. Next, get all your ingredients such as button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, green onions, and onions cut into dices. Moreover, you also need to create a beautiful cream sauce. Furthermore, raise the pork patty higher and hit it in the bowl while kneading it to get rid of the air from within the meat. Make sure to repeat it several times to remove the air completely in order to have properly grilled meat.

  • Panax Red Ginseng Chicken Soup with small octopus and abalone:

Small sized octopuses are rich sources of a compound called taurine which is considered to be a great source of energy. Thus, it helps to regain the stamina instantly. On the other hand, abalone is a well-known source of protein, minerals as well as vitamins. So, smooth taste of octopus and abalone balances the slightly bitter taste of Panax Red Ginseng while enhancing its deliciousness as well as nutritious value greatly. Just stuff a clean chicken with jujubes, stir-fried ginkgo nuts as well as glutinous rice which was previously soaked in water and further mixed with Korean Red Ginseng. Place the stuffed chicken in hot boiling water and again the Ginseng extract is added. Once cooked to perfection, garnish with abalone and small octopuses. Yum! It’s going to be good. But make sure to remove the impurities from the chicken by adding hot water to it.

Well, that is all to the list of best Korean red ginseng recipes. Add ginseng extract in the form of ginseng powder or in some other way but prepare these recipes at home and enjoy a meal of high nutritional value with everyone in the family.